Canaan Health center

Serving the community of Buziika Buikwe District was opened in June 2012 to offer health care to  Buziika Village which includes the Orphanage, School and Child Development Program. The health Center serves a small community with limited care options, its run by a number of staff nurses who coordinate with Canaan Children’s Transit Center for outreaches, rest days and other support.  The Health Center  has been sustained by CCTC budget  and supported by CCTC management. This Medical Center has huge potential to impact the greater Buziika area. As a result of the medical missions that we do, we usually identify children who need more medical care and treatment beyond the general medical mission set up that we offer.  These children are supported with the needed medical intervention that they may need such as burns treatment, heart surgeries, orthopedics and many others as need arises.  This program has offered over 20 surgeries and further medical interventions with support from partners. 

General Medical Care

Out- patient general practice by our team of Doctors, Nurses, Mid-wives, Pharmacist and Counselors.

Laboratory services

Also available is our Lab which is exceptional in quality and integrity of services such as microbiology tests. We also maintain collaborations with major laboratories in Kampala and jinja to deliver to our clients more complex laboratory services.

Ultrasound Scan

Serves a wide range of options that include abdominal scan, obstetric scan, small parts, and superficial scans.

Safe Motherhood.

Antenatal, delivery and Post-natal services by our team of midwives and specialists. Delivery packages enable mothers plan their options with us.

Dental Services

Available 8 am to 5 pm, our fully loaded dental suite provides general and cosmetic Dental Services.


We run a weekly Immunization clinic for children getting free Immunization under the government of Uganda program.